I have many names
no really but it's only because I keep changing them

[you may know me as Pndr, Hush, Eli, 420Satan the Dank Lord blaze it in the name of hell and rejoice, Anti, ect. Call me whatever makes you most comfortable.]

started as an art blog, ended up as a blog for inspo, In-Progress Art, Meta on Pretentous Grimdark Anime, Food Porn, really bad original content, fashion, and Misplaced hipster posts ect.

HERE is my art blog. For those of you who want art but not everything else.
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✪soft pastel-grunge suffering✪

If you follow this blog please be aware that the subject matter is varried and sometimes certain obsessions take prescient over others. Most of the content isn't explicit and I try to tag almost everything when I can but this is a personal project so the content is at my whim.

rough first chapter designs for the stabilbluizers

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