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i will fight my own ass in the desert 


In case the corpses on the floor weren’t of any indication.

monogatari series AU where there are no male characters because they’re all in jail where they belong

- angstromboli

badum tsss

puns aside hopefully Kizumonogatari will have a really good Kiss-Shot theme, since the Madoka Magica movies had opening themes similar to the series

considering how dark Kizu is hopefully it’ll be a creepy one because I prefer those over the cutsier openings (Delusion Express somehow being the perfect mix of both though. That one and Sugar Sweet Nightmare are my faves so far though the latter is under-appreciated imo. Also the sad Nekomono theme where Hanekawa was walking around with a guitar was good too aaah)


that one person who whenever they come online you just


i smell friend

Track: Kogarashi Sentiment
Artist: Hitagi Senjougahara, Deishu Kaiki (CV: Chiwa Saito, Shinichiro Miki)
Album: 木枯らしセンティメント&あとがたり
Plays: 106

so the version of kogarashi sentiment with kaiki came out and I realized something weird that I didnt notice before about senjougahara’s outfit


that is a lot like the dress senjougahara wears at the end of nisemonogatari, after she cuts her hair. She tells Araragi then that she’s ‘cutting ties with the past’ aka forgetting about Kaiki. In the show, Nisemonogatari ends with the scene of Senjougahara on the beach and Araragi telling Tsukihi he’d introduce her to his girlfriend. But in the book, this was actually Kaiki looking at the picture of Senjougahara with short hair in Araragi’s wallet, which he’d stolen.


It’s really tongue in cheek because Kogarashi Sentiment (refering to the loneliness felt in winter) shows these images of an imaginary summer as if Kaiki had been there with Hitagi, contrasted between this warping to a reality where they’re being consumed by snakes (which of course, takes place in winter)

Basically it’s a warning not to get caught up in the moment and to focus on reality for once. The scandelous implications and very exaggerated shoujo style read to me as a reference to Revolutionary girl Utena, especially the very beginning of the opening where you see the road and then the ridiculous red car. because. lets face it, in reality kaiki probably drives a hearse. shh it’s his aesthetic don’t judge

basically it’s a fake cheesy love song to fit the title ‘koimonogatari’ when in reality nothing is actually going on between them. Even any perceived romance in the past only took place in their heads. which is. a very good thing. because kaiki is way too old for her. and he knows it.

it’s also the studio being ridiculous in general because every other character got to sing their own opening theme that somehow related to their story arc. Kaiki does not get excluded from the ridiculousness of this show


youre gonna look so godamn cool


officer i was not resisting arrest i was just being tsundere

being sage is suffering

i am so done

also adding detail to Medli was difficult

these are not official designs just speculations also I may go back and fix them tomorrow hence silly text

girls with big noses and strong features make me happy but im still learning how to draw them (and muscular characters in general)

make it happen nintendo

naboobro looked pretty normal at first then i decided to give her iron knuckle armor or whatever everything changed when the fire nation attacked

my nose game is so weak im givin up for tonigt

neviril replied to your post: i fthere’s anyone on here watching me …

pls notice me senpai

I thought I heard somethign but I turned around and only saw trash

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