Theres always that one weak bitch in the group that isnt down with ghost busting

A+ thesis



i don’t think i’ll ever be ready to be a parent i can’t even raise a spider how do u expect me to kill a child


oh good god i fucked up

time to watch more mekakucity headtilts

Track: Fuckin' Fine Ass Leaves
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Forgive me padre for I have siiiiiiinned

ruinswithstrings said: why tagged #arturia pendragon tho

I JUST NOTICED THAT wtf i guess because it was a default tag but I was trying to type Ravio which doesn’t even…the only thing I can think of is I am just blurring all the failure knights into one person or im too tired to be tagging things obviously

the only real stupidity here is the fact that i missed a chance to make that picture transparent so they were looking through a crack in your/my blog what is wrong with me im ashamed

a girl was wit a guy n she was in a bad moond so she ask him what he is to her.

suddenly dude gets rly quiet.  takin off his clothes all sexy-like.

"we are….." he pucker his lips sensually and leans in close to her, before whispering "NUDIST BEACH."

She get mad n tell him to fuck off

but that really was the name of his anti-establishment organization.

like this status if your dick and/or nipples glow in the dark

my full name is Saint Princess Eli Pandora senior the first (and last) esquire, King of lower Delaware and voice of a generation, do u think u can make me a playlist based off of that


dont underestimate me, mortal

stylo - gorillaz
all the rowboats - regina spektor 
don’t feel like dancing - scissor sisters
never wanted to dance - mindless self indulgence
topless - breaking benjamin

pompeii - bastille
rocket - beyonce
intermission - scissor sisters
new slaves - kanye west
careless whisper - george michael 
e.t (ft kanye west) - katy perry
sex therapy - robin thicke 
shut up and let me go - the ting tings

evelyn evelyn - evelyn eveyln
lipstick - jedward
ice girl - emilie simon

pugna cum magica - madoka magica OST
alice - pogo
no diggity (ft dr dre) - blackstreet
dirrty - christina aguilera
ode to the bouncer - studio killers
rinbu revolution - revolutionary girl utena OST
anything for you - ludo

settle down - kimbra
echoes of silence - the weeknd
no problems - azealia banks
i'm god - clams casino
once upon a dream - lana del rey
reminders of then - kimya dawson

that moon song - gregory alan isakov
hero - enrique iglesias
eggs and sausage - tom waits

freakum dress - beyonce
write sins not tragedies - panic at the disco
reproduction - grease 2 OST
say something - a great big world
take on me - a-ha

alsatia - galneryus
never there - cake
dark paradise - lana del rey

lovefool - cardigans
amaranth - nightwish
simple and clean - utada hikaru
this charming man - the smiths

electric surfin go go - polysics
sugar rush - akb48
queens will play - black mountain
unwritten - natasha bedingfeild
i am a god - kanye west
radioactive - imagine dragons
eros and apollo - studio killers

king of magazines - danko jones
will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
no scrubs - tlc
gay pirates - cosmo jarvis

oedipus - regina spektor
find you’re here - wolfsheim 

letter to california - pearl and the beard
outside - the weeknd
what have you done now - within temptation
end credits - bruno coulais
rock your body - justin timberlake

dark doo wop - ms mr
ego (remix ft kanye west) - beyonce
london bridge - fergie
at last - etta james
where dem girlz at (ft flo rida and nicki minaj) - david guetta
all is love - karen o and the kids
rhyme and reason - the cat empire
enough - sakanaction

always and never - coheed and cambria
new years kiss - casiotone for the painfully alone
dare - gorillaz

vessel - pearl and the beard
ocean man - ween
wanna go - britney spears
chick habit - april march
eptm (ft kodai of kinkies - booty bronx remix) - panty and stocking with garterbelt OST)

oh no! - marina and the diamonds
fantasy - dye

all alone - gorillaz

gallery piece - of montreal
eulogy - cakes da killa
n*ggas in paris - jay-z and kanye west
ever dream - nightwish
rose red - emilie autumn
all is full of love - bjork
thnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy
am the best - 2ne1
on sight - kanye west
novacane - frank ocean

reblogging for future reference b4 I go to NY also A+ taste in music, I, Saint Princess Eli too-long-name heart-under-blade am thoroughly pleased


4/20 blaze it in the name of the risen lord

not for another 2 hours you blasphemous heretic